Neurosis is Bliss

"I have never been an intellectual, but I have this look." Woody Allen

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*This journal is not a full account of my life. It is only what I care to share. Doesn't mean I'm private, but I have a whole tangible existence outside of LJ. If you want to know something...ask. I do not, however, like anyone assuming anything about me, especially if they don't know me. If you comment on one of my entries/comments, please make sure you've read it clearly. Again, if you want to know something...ask. There are too many people, sadly, on LJ and other spaces that just want to start drama. I don't respond well to that...and sometimes do not respond at all. I don't find it worth my time. I find it sad. So just remember, this is entertainment. You can't take yourself and everyone else seriously all of the time. Just have fun.

I might, at times, place something political or controversial. This is my journal and I will place what I want. You are more than welcome to place comments, please do, but, I'm not in it for demanding arguments, just friendly debate.


Hey, east TN folks: